Tuesday, March 3, 2009

     I took my stitches out yesterday, but last week had me unable to work due to some stitches. Usually it'd be easy to work with em, but I kept trying and my thumb would bleed, so I had to give it a rest. Thus, the belt orders form the last 2 weeks are getting completed/sent out tomrrow.

     March is here, and with that comes the reopening of custom orders. Because of school, I've decided to hold of on releasing the Brewster collection until late spring, early summer. 

     The way custom orders are going to work is I will take 10 at a time. This should take me 3-4 weeks to complete, then I will take 10 more. I'll be updating the main website this weekend with new instructions and I'll have a new website up hopefully by June, once I get out of school I'll have time to build it.