Tuesday, October 28, 2008

     This weekend was really wonderful, going home is always nice especially when there's good weather. I shot a couple pictures but I have to scan them in, so maybe tomorrow I'll get those up. 
     In leather news, I'm running a bit behind. School work, as always, was killer this weekend so I didnt get anything done. However, I have 2 wallets halfway right now, which i should be able to finish tomorrow provided the weather holds and I can make it downtown to get zippers. One of them is a mid with a really cool concho/stud closure, I'm excited to post it. 
     Heres a piece from last week. It's got a center snap, which is new to me but I ended up really liking it in the end. I'm getting my edges better and better every day, which I'm psyched on. 

Oh! Two new bands worth checking out for everyone.

 One's a band called Bridge and Tunnel, you can go to their MySpace page here. 

The second is called Good Old War, it's a new project from  a few guys from Days Away. I can't tell you how much I like this record, it's the perfect blend of 70's folk and indie/emo/pop punk melody, without any crazy world instruments a lot of bands throw in just because. If Fleet Foxes are a log cabin with a roaring fire, toasty wool socks and an irish sweater, Good Old War is the first day of spring where shorts and bare feet feel comfortable. Seriously, check them out. Their MySpace is here

that's it for tonight, gnite everyone

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This week is crazy! I've got an essay due tomorrow, a rough draft of my packaging due Thursday, and on top of that I've scheduled 5 orders to be filled by Monday...this is going to be rough. I did get my new bike in the mail yesterday, I'm going to save photos of that until I get it built the way I like it. 
Heres a couple pictures of the newest projects. The first is a 6" midlength wallet with the most intricate interior I've ever done. It's a one piece wallet, which means the interior and shell are sewn together around the outside. There are 12 cardholders, a full horizontal bill slot, 2 receipt slots and a full change pouch too! I used calf belly fo
r the inside so it's not super thick, honestly it's no thicker 
than my wallet. 

next is a set, it's a cardholder with bill slot, key loop and phone holder for a Sony-Erikson phone. The interiors are all lined with natural leather, so the contrast looks really nice. I got to be pretty free with this, so it was fun! 

     I think I fall in love with autumn every year. Maybe it's because, living in the city, we don't get the traditional autumnal experience that I did growing up in a town of 6,000. Instead of watching the leaves fall, or picking apples, I'm usually worried about the wet leaves in the road and completely destroying myself when I try to stop on my bike.  I also worry that my landlord will take my grill, because I'm pretty sure he did last year around this time and I quite like grilling, even in the cold. 

     However this year I've taken some time to actually enjoy the season, which is arguably my favorite. This weekend, we carved some pumpkins:

I'm also going to be going home this weekend, to touch base and hopefully hit the end of the peak foliage. We're far enough south (home is in Connecticut) that there should be some good color left. 

Lots of wallet updates tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So! Welcome to the Corter Leather blog, I'm going to try to keep this updated as much as possible with news and orders, probably some random stuff and fashion stuff also. 

I've got a giant midterm tomorrow, and what do I do tonight? Finish up a few orders. Sometimes I prioritize the wrong things I guess...seems to work out in the end though. I made all these this weekend (6 orders in 4 days!) and I'm pretty sure they're all going out tomorrow.