Friday, May 29, 2009

New stuff! I've been holding off on posting much lately, as a lot of the stuff I'm doing has been basic snap wallet stuff, etc. Here's one I haven't done in a while, and older style mid.

I'll be taking orders for my 3rd group of 10 orders starting now, I've got 8 spots left!

The wait will be about 4-6 weeks, as I'm starting the 2nd group right now. 

I've also recently realized that while I had an assistant for a time in April, a few belt orders and emails went missing due to 2 people organizing things differently. I'm back to running things by myself, while it's more work it makes things easier in the long run. So if you've sent an email and haven't received a response, please send another! I'm not online a ton, sometimes only 2-3 times a week answering emails, but every email I've received has been responded to as of right now. 

Next, the Brewster collection is not dead! Things are moving along, and while it may only be 2 pieces, I'll be damned if I don't get a couple affordable, freshly designed wallet options out in about a month. I expect prices to be between $40-$65. 

Third, I've got a sample sale coming soon! I have a few pieces just lounging around, sometimes orders get made wrong so I have doubles of things. In the next week I'll have a few snap wallets and mids going up for sale in the $70-$130 range, discounted at around 50-60%.

Fourth, I've got a ton of bracelets made up. I'll post pictures and get them in the store soon. They're nice and thick (10-15oz) and they'll be very affordable, I'm shooting for $27 for single wraps and $35 for double wraps. Send an email for first dibs, I've got black and natural, no stitching, and can accommodate any wrist size.

Fifth, and last~ new belt designs coming soon, and a whole new era of custom belts for Corter. This is a work in progress between orders, so this is something that I'll try to get out in the next few months.

There may be a 6th...but it may not be ready till tomorrow...

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