Tuesday, October 21, 2008

     I think I fall in love with autumn every year. Maybe it's because, living in the city, we don't get the traditional autumnal experience that I did growing up in a town of 6,000. Instead of watching the leaves fall, or picking apples, I'm usually worried about the wet leaves in the road and completely destroying myself when I try to stop on my bike.  I also worry that my landlord will take my grill, because I'm pretty sure he did last year around this time and I quite like grilling, even in the cold. 

     However this year I've taken some time to actually enjoy the season, which is arguably my favorite. This weekend, we carved some pumpkins:

I'm also going to be going home this weekend, to touch base and hopefully hit the end of the peak foliage. We're far enough south (home is in Connecticut) that there should be some good color left. 

Lots of wallet updates tomorrow!

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