Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This week is crazy! I've got an essay due tomorrow, a rough draft of my packaging due Thursday, and on top of that I've scheduled 5 orders to be filled by Monday...this is going to be rough. I did get my new bike in the mail yesterday, I'm going to save photos of that until I get it built the way I like it. 
Heres a couple pictures of the newest projects. The first is a 6" midlength wallet with the most intricate interior I've ever done. It's a one piece wallet, which means the interior and shell are sewn together around the outside. There are 12 cardholders, a full horizontal bill slot, 2 receipt slots and a full change pouch too! I used calf belly fo
r the inside so it's not super thick, honestly it's no thicker 
than my wallet. 

next is a set, it's a cardholder with bill slot, key loop and phone holder for a Sony-Erikson phone. The interiors are all lined with natural leather, so the contrast looks really nice. I got to be pretty free with this, so it was fun! 

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