Monday, November 3, 2008

News and Updates:

With the holiday season quickly approaching, and me having no back stock, I've decided to stop taking custom orders starting this week. I have about a 6 week wait right now for custom stuff, so I'm going to try to get every job done and get a new run of wallets up for sale in the store by the first of the year. I just hate having to make people wait for basic snap wallets!

Premium belts will be restocked in 2-3 weeks.

Also, Corter Leather's one year anniversary is coming up! It seems like just last week I was buying my first awl and length of lace. Now we're all types of busy with wonderful, creative customers! I'd like to do something special for this, feel free to send in suggestions.

Last, I just want to remind everyone of age in the States to get out there and Vote tomorrow. We all know it's probably the most important election we'll see in our lifetime, and as a senior in college with the job market looking like that of the early 70's, I urge everyone to do a bit of reading and think with your brains, not with all of the propaganda that's going around right now. We don't want to have to start hiding our degrees to get part time jobs like my parents did when they graduated. 

On to some leatherwork. This week I made a couple really fun pieces, including this mid:

I also had a couple snap wallets, this being one that came out rather nicely. My stitching is pretty much dead on now, so I've been super excited on my new work:

Lastly, I just wanted to post this picture. This was my halloween... the tooth fairy let loose, and Tiger came over since his knee's still too bad to play. I hope everyone else had as great a night as we did. 

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